May 06, 2011

Remove Phobia - Ways To Reduce Your Natural Fears And Phobias

Removing phobias is a definately a tricky issue to deal with.

For the most part, our phobias are something that we've conditioned within ourselves from previous traumatic experiences. It may be from an early childhood experience or it could have just been a random traumatic experience that you've encountered from any stage in your life.

The part of our brain that controls fear and response is called the amygdalae. Derived from the latin/greek words meaning 'almond' and 'tonsil'. Which effectively describes what the amygdalae looks like. Being part of the limbic system - the function of the amygdalae is to process the memory of our emotional reactions to events that have occurred in our lives. It does this autonomously working around the clock to help ensure that your survival rate is maximised. It's also the part of our brain that controls our fight or flight mechanism.
This is the part of our brain that 'remembers' fear and traumatic events, it's so effective at doing this that if you have any phobias, you can thank your amygdalae for remembering them.

There are several ways to help reduce your fears and phobias. The first step is to identify your phobias and because they're not always a conscious thing. It would be wise to visit a clinical psychologist to have them analysed. 

Some of the things that psychologists and hypnotherapists will do is to explore your early childhood to see if there were any events that caused these phobias to take form. Once they have identified your phobias they will work with you on ways to effectively help you to reduce your phobias.

It's important that we go through life knowing that just because you have a phobia, doesn't mean you have to 'put up with it' for the rest of your life. All phobias are eventually curable and for the most part; you won't have to live with it forever.

Professionals you could consider visiting are: NLP practicioners, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists and Counsellers.

Some techniques you could explore to help remove your phobias are: Subliminal hypnosis, Positive affirmations, Chakra balancing and Meditation.

These techniques will not cost you any money and they're the best way to start tackling your phobias. Just remember that phobias that are deeply ingrained will take more work to remove. Be patient and have the courage to continue working on them until you remove all the negative phobias from your life.