May 08, 2011

How To Improve Your Natural Awareness Levels

Awareness simply means to be able to percieve - being cognitive of our surroundings and objects. Also, realise that most of our senses play a keen role in our awareness levels. Not just our ability to see.
As we have evolved over many thousands of years, humans have also developed the ability of being self-aware (being aware of our own different states, awareness of our own internal energies etc.)

I'm often asked by many loyal readers, "What's the best way to improve our own awareness levels?"

To which I would often respond. It's first best to practice closed-eyes meditatation (practice breathing awareness) this technique will help you to cultivate 'self-awareness'. Because it forces us to lose one of our senses and by doing this; heightens our other senses. I encourage you to try this for 7 days. After one week of effective closed-eye mediation your senses will be heightened and you will become more self-aware. It sounds a little zen-like, this technique has helped me to develop not only my  self-awareness but also improved my intuition.

If you are unable to meditate, I would advise that you try listening to binaural beats with headphones because it's an easy way to force your body into a meditative state. This is for those that find that they can't meditate due to their surrounding environment being too distracting.

So meditate for 7 days and see how this will improve your natural awareness levels.