May 10, 2011

Communicating With And Programming The Subconscious Mind

As an evolved species. Humans have developed two types of minds (and both are crammed into one brain)

The conscious mind - which is responsible for our thinking, logical reasoning, complex calculations, perception of spatial distance.

The subconscious mind - which is responsible for our breathing, circulation, awareness, creativity, imagination, memory and learning.

These two different minds work together to make you who you are today. You have your own set of beliefs, values and cognitive abilities. The conscious and subconscious mind do their best to ensure that you survive in the most effective manner that you know how to. So the purpose of this article is to explore ways in which we can communicate directly with the subconscious mind.
Some of the things this would be useful for are: 
  • Altering some of our bad or negative habits 
  • To excel in certain areas of our lives
  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Adjusting our personal traits/characteristics
  • Allowing us to feel more confident/happy
  • Promote restful sleep/recovery
  • Aid in our perception issues
  • Positive mental imagery
  • Being more productive
  • Improve your emotional state

Theses are just some of the examples of what we could accomplish if we could program our subconscious mind. Please realise that the subconscious mind is extremely powerful. It learns through repetition. So the more you do something (even if it's negative or wrong) the stronger the link will be to the point where; you will do things subconsciously. I'm sure you must of heard that term before. The reason is that through repetition, your subconscious mind will learn the most important aspects of each task you undertake. It does this so you won't have to re-learn an important activity in the future. A good example of this is when you first learnt how to drive a manual car.
You had to remember to concentrate, accelerate, steer, shift gears, utilise the clutch, indicate before lane changing and perform shoulder checks for your blind spot.

Because of the complexity of this activity. Your brain decided that it would be a good idea to 'store' that into your subconscious mind. So now when you hop into the car, you don't even need to think on a conscious level to drive - you just 'do it'. This is all thanks to your subconscious mind.

So how do we go about programming our own subconscious mind? What's necessary for us to do that? The easiest method I've found is through creating your own self hypnosis mp3 tracks. It's a lot easier than it sounds. All you will need is: your computer, a microphone and a script to read. I suggest creating your own self hypnosis tracks because your subconscious prefers your own voice (as opposed to any one else's : it's the most effective self hypnosis secret I've found)

There are 3 phases to creating your own great self hypnosis tracks

Phase 1: Induction: This process is to get your conscious mind to relax so there will be no resistance to your suggestions. I would recommend creating a quick 5 minute script that encourages ... deep relaxation... and focus. It's also good to have relaxing music playing in the background (like waterfalls, rainfalls, sounds of the beach etc.)

Phase 2: Suggestion: This is the meat of your track. You want to re-affirm what your goal would be and the situations in which it would be useful for. You can 'create verbal scenarios' within your track to help your subconscious mind to process what you want it to do. Be repetitive because this is how your subconscious mind learns. Try out several ideas and weave them together.

Phase 3: Wake-Up: This is the end portion of your track. You want to allow yourself to be woken up with a count down 'and now, when I count down from 5 to 1, you will feel alert and refreshed and ready to utilise everything effectively...' As you make the track make sure you speak in a calm and relaxing tone (just like any normal clinical hypnotist would) and be sure to only speak positive language to your subconscious because it cannot discern the difference between positive and negative.

Once you have created your own programming subconscious / self-hypnosis mp3 track all you need to do is listen to it everyday (repetition is key) and you will have the best results. *use earphones*

This is how you can communicate with your subconscious mind and program it to do whatever it is you want in life.