February 15, 2010

An Introduction Into Lucid Dreaming - Mastering Your Dreams

Lucid dreaming is simply a fancy name for 'being conscious' whilst your asleep, dreaming.

It allows you to fully take control of your dreams. Being the director and having complete control over what you dream, what you do in your dream and most excitingly, what happens next in your dream.

In your lucid dreaming state. You can conjure up people, places, images and items. As well as empower yourself with special abilities and powers (such as flying!) In fact, if you can imagine it (in your lucid state) it will materialize and manifest itself within your dream.

Needless to say that lucid dreaming is the most fun you can have whilst asleep.

It allows you to contemplate actions, to ponder a particular problem or to see how a certain action may have specific reactions. This gives you the ability to 'problem solve' while you're sleeping. The mind is a very powerful thing.

There are also useful healing techniques for lucid dreaming. It can help you to overcome ANY phobia. To face your deepest and darkest fears in a constructive and useful way.

Ok, so now we know the basics of what lucid dreaming is. How do we achieve lucidity? How can we begin to take control of our own dreams?

It does sound a whole lot more complicated than it really is. But in essence, it's very simple to achieve lucidity.

Here are some training tips that will help you to achieve your lucid dreaming state:

1)  Start trying to remember your dreams as you wake up each morning. The moment you wake up; contemplate for a moment on what it was that you dreamt about the night before. It may be difficult at first but some people find that this is the best first stepping stone for learning lucid dreaming. This will help activate your brain for lucid dreaming. Keep a dream journal if you feel that it will help with your dream recall.

2) At different times during your every day wakeful state. Ask yourself consciously, "Am I Dreaming, Right Now?". This technique (that you practice while awake) will help you question reality during your sleeping state.

3) Say to yourself whilst dreaming (not out aloud, but in your mind) "This is a DREAM. I know that I'm dreaming and I can fully control this dream" Once your mind becomes conscious of the fact that you really are in a dream. Your lucid dreaming state will begin. Use the power of your mind to direct what happens in your dream through conscious awareness, visualization and will power.

This is my basic 3 step process to achieving a lucid dreaming state. Practice often and have fun. You can force lucidity. But it's much easier to gradually learn how to achieve the lucid dreaming state, naturally.

This one technique will make sleeping/dreaming much more fun. Almost like watching a movie (and directing it as you see fit) at the same time. It really is an exciting way to enjoy your sleeping sessions.

February 07, 2010

Free Psychological Self-Help

Here's a great free online resource touching upon psychological self help and theory. It delves into behavioral analysis and why we do certain things the way we do them. Interesting online book that I thought would interest some of my readers. Enjoy.

It's important that if you have psychological issues you need help with that you seek clinical advice from a psychologist who's trained in this field.

Psychological problems may also stem from brain trauma, injury, drug usage, genetic predisposition, kundalini and neurochemical imbalances.