May 11, 2011

Psychic Mind Readers - Are They For Real?

When I think of psychic mind readers. The thought that comes to my mind is that they're intuitive, aware, empathetic and creative individuals. Who are really quite perceptive. They will also have balanced chakras (in particular the 3rd eye chakra)

Some of my readers have asked me - what do you think of psychic mind readers?

My answer is them is that I believe at our core, we are all made out of billions of atoms vibrating at certain frequencies. I believe that it's possible that psychic mind readers are able to tune into these frequencies - to be able to give us insights into our own lives.

Does this mean I believe that all psychic mind readers are truly genuine? The answer to that question is no. It takes a certain level of ability and intuition to pull it off. But I believe anything's possible, it's quite a fascinating subject that my friends will often talk about.

So what are your thoughts and views on psychic mind readers?