January 17, 2012

Lucid Dreaming - The Power To Control Your Dreams

Lucid dreaming is defined by the act of being conscious during the dreaming state. It's an empowering feeling that allows us to take full control of our dreams and live out our desires, goals and wishes.

If you have never had a lucid dream before... you can picture it as watching a movie where you're also directing it, in real time. It's highly entertaining and a powerful experience that anyone can learn to have.

I accidently discovered lucid dreaming when I was a young boy. I would have some outrageous dreams where I thought to myself 'this can't be real so I must be dreaming!'
The moment your conscious of the fact that you're dreaming is the key to attaining the power of lucidity - you will have full control of the outcomes of what happens in your dream. It's quite fascinating.

The following technique is, in my opinion the easiest way to explore your lucid dreaming powers. Before going to bed each night, get into a relaxed state of mind and close your eyes. Tell yourself that you will have a lucid dream tonight and constantly ask yourself 'Am I dreaming?' or 'I must be dreaming!' this is an easy way I have found to achieve lucidity.

In saying this, there are two different ways to induce lucid dreaming. The first is called DILD (or Dream-Initiated Lucid Dreaming) this is the technique described above - which is my favourite method. The second technique to achieving lucidity is called WILD (or Wake-Initiated Lucid Dreaming) where you go directly from a conscious relaxed state straight into lucidity. The easiest way to achieve WILD is when you find yourself suddenly waking up upon sleeping, you can stay still - relaxed with your eyes still closed and pretty soon you will re-enter the dream state but maintain full consciousness (but have the power of lucidity and gain full control of your dreams).

Are there any limits as to what you can do in a lucid dream? So far, I have not yet found any limits to lucid dreaming. You can literally explore and do anything you ever desired or dreamed about without any restrictions. The most common theme I find myself exploring during my lucid dreams is flying. For me, the ability to fly is the ultimate pleasurable experience and represents total freedom. During one of my lucid dreams of flying I was so happy (I knew I was dreaming and did not want to wake up as I was having far too much fun flying and exploring other continents)

Lucid dreaming allows us to enjoy our biggest fantasies in the most non-threatening (or illegal) ways. Entertaining, exciting and just plain fun. Lucid dreams are also useful in controlling nightmares. Waking up from a great lucid dream feels thoroughly refreshing and downright liberating.

Make your dreams exciting by practicing lucidity daily. As human beings, it is one of our most treasured gifts. Thanks for reading Mind Voyager and I'll be seeing you in our next chapter.