December 30, 2011

Can Omega 3 help with depression and mood disorders?

Recently I wrote an article on Omega 3 supplementation and it's many health benefits. I got a few emails from some loyal readers who wanted to ask me the question if Omega 3 supplementation can help with their depression and mood disorders.

There have been quite a number of studies performed with Omega 3 and cases of clinical depression and the findings are quite positive. I feel wholeheartedly that Omega 3 can help stabilise mood and help with depression because I myself suffer from OCD and mood swings and I have noticed, ever since increasing my omega 3 intake that I have had less instances where my OCD would be classified as debilitating.

Not only can increasing your intake of omega 3 help with stabilising depression, it also brings about many other wonderful health benefits. If you have never taken the time to research and look into omega 3's I would highly recommend you read my omega 3 for mental health article. It's crammed with useful information and could be just what you're looking for.

Please take it from me. I've been battling depression for a long time now and didn't realise that just by increasing my omega 3 intake that my depression would be greatly alleviated to the point where I no longer suffer from the blues.

Our brains are made up of mainly fat and omega 3 has the potential to provide relief from many mood disorders and greatly helps depression. My good friend also suffers from ADD and ADHD and I introduced him to omega 3 and he says that it has been helping him feel better and healthier as well (he doesn't need to use as much medication as he used to - which is great news).

So if you have ever experienced depression or any type of mood disorder then I would encourage that you look into this wonderful supplement and see if it helps you as much as it has for me. God bless!

December 29, 2011

Why should you use Omega 3 for mental health?

Hey guys. I thought I'd write an article about Omega 3 and it's important role in healthy mental function and cognitive development.

Recently, I've been battling a serious case of depression. Which is very odd considering everything in my life has been going perfect. I've also been diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and it's been really draining and impacts my life in so many different ways.

I was researching the internet and have found that my diet was really lacking in fish (which as a direct result also effected how much Omega 3 I was consuming)

Omega 3 is classified as an Essential Fatty Acid (the good kind). Your body is unable to manufacture Omega 3 and it must be ingested in either food form (like eating Sardines, Salmon, Tuna, Walnuts etc) or via supplementation. The good Omega 3 has high levels of EPA and DHA (always read the labels and seek out the mg ratings on your supplements for these 2 important Omega 3 nutrients)

Since I'm more of a convenience guy, I like to take the odourless fish oil. When choosing an Omega 3 supplement try to find the filtered kind - the kind that has removed most of the harmful PCB, Dioxins and Mercury (all of which are toxic to the body)

Why do I use Omega 3? Well the most important benefits of Omega 3 are:

  • Improved memory and cognitive function (may also assist with dopamine and serotonin usage by the brain)
  • Better problem solving ability
  • Stabilises your mood/temperament
  • Greatly reduces my OCD habits
  • Helps treat depression
  • Maintains the cardiovascular system
  • It's good for the heart - helps maintain blood pressure
  • Maintains healthy retina function (good for your eyes) 
  • Reduces swelling and joint pain associated with arthritus (can improve mobility over time)
  • Reduces LDL/plaques (bad fats) in the arteries and can help lower bad fat levels in the blood.

As with all things. There are some potentially unwanted side effects that I've noticed when upping my Omega 3 intake. The side effects I've seen as a direct result of using Omega 3 are:

  • Slight headache (this may be attributed to higher than normal toxins in the cheaper Omega 3 supplements) so always use the filtered/mercury free types!
    • Slight stomach discomfort (not painful or unbearable)
    • May increase gas (flatulence)
    • Some brands may have a fishy odour/aftertaste
    • Cost of the better Omega 3 supplements can be quite expensive
 Overall the many added benefits that Omega 3 supplements have provided me with are priceless. It really seems to help me with not only my mental faculties but controls my OCD so I don't need to take my medication. It's my lifesaver and I do hope it helps my fellow readers out there!

As with all things, moderation is key. The FDA has approved Omega 3 as a recognised supplement - however I would not consume more than 3 grams a day over the long term. Also, if you are taking blood thinners or have a known history of heart problems I would consult your GP/physician before taking Omega 3 supplements as it's known to thin out the blood.