December 30, 2011

Can Omega 3 help with depression and mood disorders?

Recently I wrote an article on Omega 3 supplementation and it's many health benefits. I got a few emails from some loyal readers who wanted to ask me the question if Omega 3 supplementation can help with their depression and mood disorders.

There have been quite a number of studies performed with Omega 3 and cases of clinical depression and the findings are quite positive. I feel wholeheartedly that Omega 3 can help stabilise mood and help with depression because I myself suffer from OCD and mood swings and I have noticed, ever since increasing my omega 3 intake that I have had less instances where my OCD would be classified as debilitating.

Not only can increasing your intake of omega 3 help with stabilising depression, it also brings about many other wonderful health benefits. If you have never taken the time to research and look into omega 3's I would highly recommend you read my omega 3 for mental health article. It's crammed with useful information and could be just what you're looking for.

Please take it from me. I've been battling depression for a long time now and didn't realise that just by increasing my omega 3 intake that my depression would be greatly alleviated to the point where I no longer suffer from the blues.

Our brains are made up of mainly fat and omega 3 has the potential to provide relief from many mood disorders and greatly helps depression. My good friend also suffers from ADD and ADHD and I introduced him to omega 3 and he says that it has been helping him feel better and healthier as well (he doesn't need to use as much medication as he used to - which is great news).

So if you have ever experienced depression or any type of mood disorder then I would encourage that you look into this wonderful supplement and see if it helps you as much as it has for me. God bless!