May 02, 2011

Manifesting success through meditation - 2 Free Subliminal Meditation Mp3's

Manifesting Success Through Meditation (includes 2 free mp3's)

Allow your mind to transcend into a state of deep and relaxed meditation and experience bliss while you program your subconcious mind for absolute success.

These 2 links will take you to a page where you can download 2 meditation mp3's that have success affirmations built-in. They were also designed to change your brainwave frequencies for effective integration (THETA waves).

So as you listen to these mp3's, you will experience a fantastic relaxed meditation that's guided by positive success affirmations. I recommend that you listen to these 2 tracks back-to-back for 7 days consecutively to gain the maximum benefit from these fantastic resources.

It's best to listen to this before retiring at night to bed; as you drift off to sleep. You will have a great time listening to these as it puts your mind into a state where sleep not only feels fantastic, it will also program your mind for true success. For effective results - use a mp3 player and quality headphones.

Please enjoy these files and let me know how this works for you after the 7 days.