January 13, 2010

Free - Explode Your Energy MP3

Energy Explosion Mp3 - After numerous requests for an effective audio harmonic that alters brainwaves and also skyrockets the potential for ESP development we have now found a FREE solution.

Download this Energy Explosion MP3 (free) and activate the loop function on your favourite mp3 player and listen to it with your stereo headphones. And prepare to be amazed!

After 8 months of tedious development and 3 months of euphoric testing, we've ascertained this psychoactive harmonic to produce states of relaxation, bliss and mind expansion that parallels the experience of using a $129 Proteus mind machine.

Available from xtrememind.com

Direct Download Link: ( http://www.xtrememind.com/Energy.zip )

  • Usage Notes:
  • Activate the replay / looping function on your MP3 player. The  harmonic is only 5minutes long to save you on download time. You must listen to the sound for 20 minutes to greatly benefit from this 5MB sound file (which has been further compressed into a zip file)
  • Use only high quality stereo headphones . Cheap units will fail to replicate the special frequencies necessary to alter your brainwave state.
  • Assume a sitting or prone position while listening. Your mind will alternate at various low level brainstates, thereby inducing drowsiness.
  • A few subliminal suggestions have been inserted to boost your energy. You may not hear it at first, but as you sink into an altered state of consciousiness, the commands will become evident.
  • This mind altering mp3 is freeware that is courtesy of XtremeMind.com If you experience positive benefits from the use of this energy mp3. Feel free to share this with your friends and family.