January 17, 2010

Audio Highs - Your Daily Dose Of Total Brain Confusion (Fun Illusions)

How would you like to experience an aural high? Yes, you read that right.

Experience a 100% natural and legit 'high' off these crazy yet clever illusions.

Send yourself into a state of chaotic confusion as you experience these fun auditory illusions for yourself.

The illusions presented are very trippy indeed. But don't take my word for it. Nothing beats experience. So give them a try and see how well they work on you.

    James Nestor usually writes about architecture, alternative fuels, and popular culture for Dwell Magazine, National Public Radio, The San Francisco Chronicle, Outside Magazine, San Francisco Magazine, and more. He is currently writing a book about the neurology of alleged out-of-body experiences.

    He is also the author of Get High Now. An illustrated, mind-blowing magic carpet ride of more than 175 ways to alter human perception and consciousness—without drugs or alcohol.

    Based on science—not subjective New Age hearsay—Get High Now explores the worlds of neurology, biology, and physiology through meditations, illusions, common herbs, audio and visual stimulations, and some bizarre anthropological discoveries.

    Each entry describes in colorful detail how these highs affect our minds and bodies, as well as step-by-step directions for how to do them yourself.