November 04, 2011

Thought is energy. How can changing the energy of your thoughts transform your life.

Have you ever stopped and thought about your thought processes for a moment?

If energy can neither be created nor destroyed. All thoughts are at their origin, energy.
That which we fuel from the depths of our own minds.

One part of mind power is essentially the ability to mould and manipulate our own thoughts to something that is more contructive and positive to our own wellbeing (in one way or another).

I have the strong belief that all disease, actually stems from negative/hurtful thought patterns. Negativity will also bring about negative psychological and physical effects. Like attracts like.

If we always strive to think positively and do not let any negative thoughts pervade our mental balance. Then that is when you'll be able to live a life of greater abundance and joy.

I like to call it our inner smile.

By changing your thoughts to a more positive state. You will have the power and ability to change your life - for the better.

Because all thoughts are energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed... only transformed.

So practice this daily and you will see the powerful impact that it will have on your own life - as well as all those around you.