October 04, 2011

An interesting telepathic communication method

Just the other day, I experienced a very strange phenomenom. I was out doing some shopping and thought it would be a fun idea to try a telepathy experiement.

As I was talking with a random stranger who was waiting in line. I decided I would 'project' a string of words together and telepathically communicate the words to him as I was staring at his '3rd eye'.

This was done in the most subtle fashion as I could attempt (using my peripheral vision) as I stood there having a general chat with him. I would finish his answer (telepathically) before I had even asked the question. I then found that in the 4 times that I had attempted it. I managed to finish his answer 2 out of those 4 times. Which I thought was a very successful attempt at telepathic communication.
In fact, it was very stunning just how amazingly well it had worked. I felt that I would share it on my mind voyager blog with all you fellow readers and see just how effective it may work for all of you who end up trying it yourself.
Mike's (Mind Voyager) Telepathic Communication Method 

Tip: Be open to this idea and believe that it will work no matter how silly it may at first seem. To try this experiment and experience it for yourself.

You will need: * Yourself + *A person to communicate with.

Once you have those 2 magic ingrediants. You will be able to proceed to step 2. Which is, whilst verbally talking with your friend/relative. You will implant a suggestion or string of words into their mind. By looking at them in the eye - and using your peripheral vision to stare at their 3rd eye area *which is located just above their eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead area*. You will then think of the words you want them to say... and they will actually say those words and think they thought of it themselves.

Do not let them know that that's what you intend for them to say, for this to be a fair experiment - you musn't let them know verbally what you wish them to say. If that sounds confusing... then please read that again :) it is quite simple once you get the gist of it.

I've since repeated the test with very convincing results (I tried it on my boss as well!) Some may call this a version of mind control. Myself, I would like to consider it to be telepathic communication (or telepathic impression if you will)

Have fun and stay responsible ;)