March 21, 2010

The subconscious knows no boundaries.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagined thought and reality.

In fact, even imagining a thought can give it enough energy to manifest something into your life. It may start off as an emotion, which could in turn, change your belief about something, which could then in turn change your life. So thoughts are very powerful creatures indeed.

This is why it is not good to feed your subconscious mind with negative thoughts, but to nurture it with positive and uplifting thoughts. Positive thoughts will evoke positive feelings. This is how we should nurture our subconscious. With thoughts that will heal us.... not harm us.

Sometimes, it's possible to not even realize that we can easily cause ourselves unnecessary harm by forever pondering on the negative.

Look up, friend. There is more to life than that!

You may find that if you can visualize yourself doing something, and doing it well. The more confidently, you will feel about actually doing it. Some may call this mental rehearsal, others may just call it plain visualization. But no matter what you may call it. Seek to visualize and re-affirm, in your mind, the positive. Let go of all the negatives that you may have surrounding you and give your negativity, no energy. Because with no energy, it simply ceases to exist..

We realize that life is energy. It is all around us. We are a big mass of energy. The sooner we can understand that energy can be manipulated to our own will and for our own benefit. We give ourselves permission to use the energy of life in a more positive way. A way that will see us grow both spiritually and mentally.

Because the subconscious knows of no boundaries. It will bring into fruition whatever it is that you sowed to it, in thought.

By action, do. By thinking, feel. By learning, absorb. By loving, give free.