March 26, 2010

Shaping Your Own Destiny

Shaping Your Destiny

Have you ever wondered what it takes to shape your own destiny? Do you want to learn how to mold your own reality? Read on avid mind voyager. We're about to take you on a really exciting journey.

'Your beliefs and thoughts will shape your destiny' - Michael Truong

It's no big secret. What you are today, is a result of what you have thought up until now. Let's take a moment to consider this line of thinking.

Our personal identity or personality is merely a formation of; a collection of our beliefs and thoughts.

We are the way we are because of it.

For example. If I direct my conscious mind to constantly think a certain way. It will change from a thought, into a belief. And, if we believe in something strong enough, it will cause us to act and re-act in a specific way. We will act upon our thoughts based upon our own personal beliefs. If we continue along this trend, it will soon become a habit. If we do something habitually enough.... then we just are. Can you see the connection here?

This fact can easily work for or against you. Depending upon your personality.

How then, can we leverage this helpful knowledge and turn it into something useful and beneficial for us?

How can we change a deeply ingrained habit that has been stuck with us for so long?

The key lies in analyzing your core belief systems at a deeper level.

The first step in shaping your own destiny is to dig deep. Dive deep into the rabbit hole..

Analyze your way of thinking (the way you have been thinking up until now) and strip apart your logic and reasoning. From there, you will gain a deeper understanding of how your beliefs can affect you, why they affect you and what you can do about them so they have a more positive impact in your life.

One technique that I would like to share with you, my fellow avid mind voyager is this. The key is to separate your conscious mind and unconscious mind, yet make them work together in helping you to heal and shape your own destiny.

Take a moment to ponder your habits. What are some of the unique things that make you, who you are? What personality traits do you have? What causes you to do things, the way you do?
Why do you believe certain things?

One summer day. I went swimming with a group of my friends. We were having a lot of fun in the surf. The waves were strong, yet steady. The wind was blowing wistfully as we began to start swimming. Immersing ourselves into the surf. As we were mucking about, one of my friends swam past the borderline of safety where the rips where. He got stuck in a rip that made him plummet hard and fast into the depths of the surf. The waves pulling him with tremendous force that caused him to struggle as he tried to swim back to us. As we started to approach him to help him out, the waves pulled him so hard that he soon disappeared under a gigantic smash of a wave that we could no longer see him. We started to look for him in a furious panic. 'Where had he disappeared to?',  we asked each other frantically.

Half an hour had passed by in what appeared to be seconds. We still could not find our friend. He was completely gone without a trace.. We then alerted the life-guard who immediately commissioned a search team to help us locate his whereabouts. We searched fanatically for hours to no avail. He completely disappeared without a trace. I was totally devastated. Not knowing what to tell his family, or even where to begin... I was at a complete lost for words.

Because of this incident, I was scarred for life. To this day I have never returned to the surf and sea, ever again.

Can you see the relevance of my story in relation to our topic here today?

My way of thinking caused me to believe that the sea is a very dangerous place. Because of my negative past experience in relation to the cruel surf - causing me to stay away from the ocean for good.

So how can you use this lesson to apply to your own life, for your own benefit?

Analyze your beliefs. Understand your beliefs. Redirect your focus and break it down further. Dig deep!

It will reveal everything to you, in a manner that will allow you to change your life!

Change your mind, change your life. It's that simple.

This is how you can re-create your own destiny.